Oakland, CA

Just a Cali girl with a keen sense of adventure. I love photobooths and old cameras. I drink inspiration from twilight hours in the desert and sunny afternoons on the coast. Natural light is my biggest source of creative inspiration when taking photos and I live to be soaked in golden hour sun. My camera is an extension of my body allowing my mind to be free to create compelling images that are bursting to life with color and beauty.  By blending the use of digital and 35mm film photography, I create unique collections of  photos with a timeless but creative aesthetic. 

I've spent the last 7+ years refining my art in event photography. Regularly creating content for SF Station, covering live music and festivals all around the US. Recently, I slowed down and shifted my focus to the more intimate moments in life.  Event photography will always hold a part of my heart and I will continue with it as soon as that time comes again.  

I want to capture you and your partners unique love story. I want to help your build your brand and express yourself though photos. I want to be there sharing in the most important moments of your life, recording every feeling. 

When creating one on one with me, it's my goal as the photographer to create a space that makes you feel safe and vulnerable so together we can capture your most authentic self. I want to inspire you to see yourself in ways you haven't before, so if all this sounds like your vibe...then I'm your girl.

Let's create something, together.

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